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Is a disability preventing you from finding employment? 

If you have a disability that is preventing you from daily activities, Company name  will help you through our Disability rehabilitation programs. 

Company name has created wonderful career, education and workforce programs to aid people with disabilities.The licensed rehabilitation counselors who work with us, along with staff from other programs and government agencies, are prepared to offer additional guidance, assistance and supportive services depending on client need. 

Rehabilitation counselors guide you through dealing with training, job search, and issues with maintaining a job - issues that range from alcohol and substance abuse tendencies to physical mobility challenges. 

We have years of experience in dealing with Disability rehabilitation services. We also offer other services like:

 * Physical rehabilitation services

* Inpatient rehab

* Outpatient rehab

* Vocational rehabilitation

* Drug rehabilitation 

We partner with people with disabilities to help ready them for the workplace. We also delve into the possibilities of them becoming self-employed, or starting their own business.  

It is our aim to reduce or remove societal barriers to gainful employment for people with disabilities. Our Disability Rehabilitation program also subsidizes support of persons with disabilities in the community.

We also aid their transition from nursing homes and institutions to community based settings. 

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